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Artist Application Process

Jazz Revelation Records (JRR) pushes for applications in the Fall of each academic year. Each student is allowed to submit up to 2 compositions - all of which have to be original music by the student turning in the application. The student submitting the application needs to be an enrolled student at Berklee College of Music at the time of submission and during the subsequent Spring semester. The label is called Jazz Revelation Records, and, as such, accepts and gives a good listen to all compositions that are jazz oriented and or influenced.

The submission process usually ends in late November. At that time, all team members and the faculty advisor listen to the submissions until the end of the semester. After all submissions have been thoroughly listened to, we let the students know whether they have or have not been chosen to audition to be featured on the CD; last year JRR received 300 compositions and accepted 10 of those for the CD. The artists that are chosen to be featured on the CD, subsequently receive a contract to sign in order to become part of the label and are given the details of the recording and mixing process.

Guidelines for submission:

* All submissions must be an original composition by the band leader. The composer retains all rights.
* Length of individual songs is 5 minutes maximum
* Up to two songs may be submitted per individual/band
* Songs submitted via our online form must be in mp3 format, and may not exceed 8MB per file

Criteria for selection include but are not limited to the following:
* Current status as a Berklee College of Music student in good standing required
* Level of playing/compositional/musical integrity
* Level of experience
* Quality of demo unimportant - Garageband, etc. is fine.

Submissions are now closed.

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