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The New Old School - 2007
The New Old School Cover Is Jazz dead? We don't think so. It is a continuation of a very old conversation that made a voyage from Africa, was married to the blues, shouted out from cotton fields to St. Lois and the South Side of Chicago, and headed back to Europe and beyond with Dexter, Miles, Coltrane, and the Duke himself, Mr. Ellington.

Along the way, these young bloods joined the fray. Listen in while they honor the Masters of Old with their own take on the great song, the great conversation that is Jazz - alive and well and moving ahead as always, to a brand new day.

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  1. Still Untitled - Jim Funnell
  2. Sweet and Sour - Daniel Ori
  3. Mundo Por Conocer - Marcelo Woloski
  4. Monkey Stuff - Jake Hertzog
  5. Boiled Water - Francisco Ferro
  6. Todavia No - Juan Andres Ospina
  7. Monkey Rum - Mateo Lugo
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