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Dedication - 2009
Dedication Cover The 2009 release includes 13 original compositions by 13 student bandleaders, each of whom dedicated his or her song to a musical or personal inspiration. The title also refers to the tremendous discipline it takes to live the life of an artist. Dedication features artists from Russia, Belgium, London, Chicago, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and California, with musical styles ranging from third-stream, contemporary, and straight-ahead jazz to fusion, groove, and funk. - Berklee.edu

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  1. Three Trees- Randy Runyon
  2. Angelique - Kyle Nasser
  3. Dry Spell - Zac Zinger
  4. Airborne - Billy Buss
  5. Osaka - Jordan Seigel
  6. History Always Repeats - Alex Wintz
  7. Without Words - Brendan Day
  8. Fantasia In Blue - Oleg V. Ostapchuk
  9. New Vision - Emi Inaba
  10. The Zen Of Dan - Lucas Ellman
  11. Off The Cuff - DOPAPOD
  12. Caveless Wolf - Casimir Liberski
  13. Dark Matter - Jeremy Vovcsko
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