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Birds of a Feather - 2010
BoaF_tn Our seventh CD was recorded in 2010 at Mix One studios in Boston, MA. All JRR artists are Berklee College of Music students and all the tracks on this CD are their original compositions. JRR is operated by students who possess a keen desire to discover, record, promote, and market fantastic jazz musicians.

Our bands are young and incredibly vital, yet there is something ancient in the wisdom of their musings. They are both students and masters of their craft, and as such will always be on the cusp of the new, the exciting, and the authentic.

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      1.  Walking in the Dark City - Nikolas Anadolis
2.  Glenn's Caliper - Will Kain and Tom Kain
3.  On the Way Back - Lihi Haruvi
4.  Mr. Williams Was Here - Christoph Huber
5.  The Seven Seas - Nathan Cepelinski
6.  The Journey Ahead - Enrico De Trizio
7.  Rain Dance - Kazuyo Kuriya
8.  Stories - Italo Cunha
9.  Quicksand - Aditya Balani
10.  7th Legion - Utar Dundarartun
11.  Desahogo - Roy Guzman
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